When we here at Kalamazoo Party Buses are looking to satisfy our customers, we know that the price can often be the huge factor that makes or breaks whether a service is worth utilizing or not. We make sure that our primary goal is to satisfy as many clients as possible, and to provide competitive prices to make sure that we are servicing as many people as possible. We make sure that we do not employ the typical style of prices that most luxury transportation services provide. Although this means that we are not able to provide a solid breakdown of exactly what you will be paying on the day of your service, we can guarantee that you will be paying the lowest possible price, while getting the best possible service!

We love the we do not subscribe the traditional pricing structures that have plagued this industry for so long, which is a structure that a great amount of our competitors typically subscribe to. While these traditional pricing structures might seem cool and efficient because of how they are laid out in a table and chart and make it seem so streamlined, they are actually much more inefficient and are to the detriment of the customer! You see, these rates are actually at a fixed rate and they are placed at the highest possible price point compared to how much it costs them to maintain their fleet.

This is not the business model that we employ at all. We make sure to run our numbers every single day, and those numbers are constantly evolving based upon how much it costs to run our fleet at any particular time. The factors that go depend on fluctuating fuel costs, the particular day of the rental (weekends are obviously slightly more expensive than weekdays because of higher demand), wages of our employees, and so on. Basically, when the cost that we spend in order to run our fleet goes down, so does what you end up paying! It's a win-win scenario because you are paying less than you would anywhere else, and we get to show that we are simply the best luxury transportation service around.

Now, naturally, because of this less than typical pricing structure, we are unable to provide a traditional break down of what you will be paying on any given day, but we can guarantee that you will be paying the best possible price on any given day. Any time you want to know how much the service will cost on any given day, just call us up with which day and which vehicle you'd like to use, and one of our charming and experienced customer service representatives will give you the free quote that you need to make your dream night come true!

We here at Kalamazoo Party Buses take great pride in the satisfaction of our customers, and by providing an incredible value with our pricing, you can be sure that you will end up satisfied after using our service.

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